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Whether you're up in the air with a technical question or on the ground needing some guidance, our FatBoy FPV Support Team is here to ensure a smooth flight. We’re passionate about helping every pilot, from troubleshooting issues to guiding you through product selections. Reach out now for expert advice, and let's keep your drone journey soaring without limits.


Looking to take flight with the latest in drone tech? Our Sales team is at your service, ready to match you with the perfect drone and accessories for your flying aspirations. Get in touch to learn about our newest models, latest deals, or to get advice on the best gear for your needs. Our mission is to help you purchase with confidence.

Help & Support

Got questions or need a hand with your drone? Our Help & Support team is on standby. From setup to software updates, troubleshooting to training tips, we're here to provide you with fast, friendly, and knowledgeable support. Don't let tech hiccups keep you grounded—let's solve it together.

Affiliate & Influencers

Join our fleet of Fatboy FPV ambassadors! If you have a passion for drones and a knack for content creation, our Affiliate & Influencers program is your runway to success. Collaborate with us, get access to the latest products, and earn rewards. Ready to spread the drone love? Start by grabbing your press kit today.

We're Here to Help You Soar

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Got a question, a big idea, or just want to talk shop about all things drones? You're in the right spot. Drop us a line using the form below or give us a shout through your preferred method. The Fatboy FPV team is ready to provide the support and answers you need to keep your drone adventures flying high!

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Based In Nevada

Nestled in the heart of innovation, Fatboy FPV calls Nevada home. From the vivid Las Vegas strip to the serene deserts, our drones are tested in diverse conditions, ensuring reliability wherever you fly. Local or visiting, our doors are always open for you to come and experience the latest in drone technology firsthand.

Worldwide Support

No matter where your flights take you, our support team has your back. With comprehensive worldwide support, we're here to help you keep your drones in the sky, wherever you are. Questions, guidance, or a friendly chat about your next flight plan – Fatboy FPV's support is just a click away, around the globe.